Vote the Basket Party!

No matter what party is your favorite…your party will be the public’s choice when you choose one (or more) of these beautiful, colorful Small Crescent baskets and it ‘s running mate…the graceful and utilitarian, Small Oval Cassarole!

The hardest part of this is deciding which is your favorite color combo!! With 11 basket colors and . . . → Read More: Vote the Basket Party!

Today’s Online Special..

Today online you can get a great start on your Holiday shopping with two useful and attractive Wrought Iron pieces. At only $19 each, you can afford to purchase these for anyone on your gift list!

The Two Pie Server is one of my personal favorites. It expands your counter space when you add two . . . → Read More: Today’s Online Special..

Colors of fall…

As Vanessa and I were walking down the stairs (note… I said walking, not riding the big old escalator) to the concourse, one of the first product displays we see is this loooooog wooden table set up with multiple table setting vignettes.

This one caught my eye immediately! The beautiful colors . . . → Read More: Colors of fall…

And not just for appetizers…

According to, appetizer is “any small portion that stimulates a desire for more or that indicates more is to follow”.

And this is the perfect description for these “delicious” Woven Traditions Appetizer Plates that are available only for the month of August! Give them a try and you will definitely be wanting more pieces . . . → Read More: And not just for appetizers…

No Tricks…lots of Treats

Our 2010 Halloween Treats Basket is kind of tricky…in a good way!

The basket itself is a graceful oval shape with a hardwood bottom. It, too, is woven with the Maple Leaf, Spice and Whitewashed weaving.

It looks amazing on our fall tables filled with pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves or a fall floral arrangement! For . . . → Read More: No Tricks…lots of Treats