Playtime at Nana’s…

We (Addy, Ethan and I)want to share some of our favorite things! I discovered B Toys last year, right before Christmas while shopping. The colors were eye-catching and I was drawn in. They were unique in design and very interesting toys. I ended up purchasing each of the grandkids one of the toys for Christmas (even Evie got one and she was not born yet) and decided I would get a few to keep at my house. Well, as you can see, they are some of our favorites. We have spent hours playing with these wonderful toys that encourage imagination and creativity.

The Sugar Chute (looks like a gumball machine), Pop-Arty! beads, Boogie Bus and Hellophones get used almost everytime the kids come over.

They both love the Pop-Arty beads! They are kind of an updated version of pop beads from my childhood. We can make necklaces, rings, bracelets and crowns. Although, as you can see, Ethan has created his own fun by just dumping them in his Longaberger basket and then putting them back in the container and dumping them out again!! See, creativity in the making!

And guess what, yesterday while we were Skyping with 5 month old Eve in Colorado, I noticed she was happily chewing on her B Toys Snug Bugs!! Mom says she loves the butterfly best:)

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  • Tasha

    Eve loves her Snug Bugs! She can’t play with all of them yet because some of them are too big for her little hands. But she loves to chew on the ones she can hold. I never go anywhere without at least one in the diaper bag!

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